Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why Blog????

My friend, Sarah, from the blog Three Boys recently asked me to share my blogging story with her. I was all-too-willing to share my experience! :)

For awhile, my very closest friends were in a conspiracy to get me to start writing again. Writing is, and has always been, a passion of mine since I can remember. In school my friends preferred having tests that were multiple choice or true and false. I, on the other hand, feared second guessing myself and found it much less stressful to answer in essay form. I was the girl in college who enjoyed writing the papers that took other friends weeks to complete. I don't have anything great to say, I guess I'm just good at BS-ing writing my way through life.

Now that I have a family, I have a more difficult time remembering and documenting the going-ons of my two gorgeous munchkins. Blogging seems like the perfect fit to marry my two passions....writing and my children. Then you add in the fact that I love photography, crafting, upcycling, repurposing furniture, decorating, cooking, baking, etc. etc. etc. and there you have it.....BLOGGING....perfection!

I am super duper new to this process. I'm sure I will make LOTS of silly mistakes, but, at least I'm diving in and trying something new! There is a large learning curve, but stick around

and I promise that you will learn something along this journey with me!! xoxo Sondra

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