Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why is my life a "blue box"?

Why is my life a blue box? I've had many friends and family members ask me to explain the source of my blog title. First things first, for those of you who do not know me, or are getting to know me better through this blog, it is VERY important that you realize I am sarcastic and have a dry hilarious sense of humor! My life is not a box in which I am trapped and feeling blue (although, now that I think of it....). I am not trying to make some "huge" statement with varying degrees and levels and such.... No, simply put, my life is a series of ironies and oxymorons. I have a Tiffany's taste on a mac-n-cheese budget. The title of my blog is a metaphor for what is my ebb and flow of highs and lows. It can be a tough life, but it is an abundantly blessed life! It is MY BLUE BOX LIFE. xoxoxoxoxo


  1. Awesome explanation!! I think this blog is going to do awesome!

  2. Thank you, Jamie! You're an amazing and supportive friend and I truly appreciate you! :)