Thursday, November 10, 2011


So often I find inspiration in unexpected places, during inconvenient times or from people who don't even realize they are helping me think "out of the box". I originally saw the "Keep Calm and Carry On" inspirational saying on a pillow at an aquaintence's home. I liked it, but was unable to decide how, when or why, I would use it. After I made the coastal style coffee table for my husband, I gained inspiration from the plank-style I used for the top of the table. I decided to build a similar style decorative piece to carry the theme to another area of our home. Since we have an open concept house, the perfect room for this piece is the kitchen. I do all my creating, whether it's cooking, baking, crafting or blogging, in my kitchen. I love my kitchen!! Someday it will be EXACTLY as I want it and I will take you on the "journey to the perfect kitchen" with me! I'll be doing a lot of staying calm, creating AND carrying on while I am taking on the massive projects of refinishing cabinets, tiling backsplashes, and creating perfect lighting...etc. etc. BUT, for now, my cool sign will do! Tutorial to come another night. xoxoxo

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