Monday, October 17, 2011


Losses are sad, for the most part, depending on the loss. We have recently suffered a blow that will have rippling effects far beyond the moment itself. Yesterday, I received a text from my husband stating that there had been a horrific crash at the Las Vegas IndyCar race. "It didn't look good", he said, in text form. I hurried up at the store and got home to a frenzie of media coverage. The world of Indy fans, personel, team members, managers, and owners and my husband, the recent Director of Videography for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Production company, were waiting impatiently for news. Dan Wheldon, winner of the 2011 Indy 500 was involved in an unimaginable firey crash along with 14 of his collegues. Jeff knew, having been a racing uber-fan from the time he could walk, that this would be a sad, sad day. And, as it unfortunately turned out, he was right. What a horrible time to be "right". Dearest Dan, we wish you God's speed. We know you're racing with all the others before you on an amazing golden track in Heaven. We pray now for those that are left behind to deal with their losses....xoxoxoxoxo

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